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Updated SmVend Web app: the future of vending telemetry

Great news from SmVend — we’ve released an updated version of our Web application, the all-in-one vending management solution. This update includes several new features and improvements that makes vending machine operations easier and more efficient than ever before.

myPOS Mini terminal by myPOS

myPOS Mini is a completely independent, secure cashless payment device, certified according to the PCI standard.

SmVend at Amusement EXPO 2023, Las Vegas

The Amusement Expo was an incredible experience, and we can't wait to attend again next year. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to get started or need to find a better way to run your business, AEI is your exclusive chance to learn and meet the experts.

Detailed study of vending industry in cooperation with Eversys

We’d like to share a very detailed study of vending industry in partnership with Eversys SA.

ENADA 2023: An overview of SmVend's visit to Rimini for the International Exhibition of the Games and Entertainment Machines

The gaming world once again got together on one of the most important expos for southern European trade members — ENADA PRIMAVERA 2023. The event was held on March 14–16 at Rimini Expo Centre.

SmVend POS Kit: the ultimate guide to cashless payments for your vending machines

The era of digitalisation and smart companies like SmVend brings to the market, a variety of solutions, including innovative cashless payment systems, to facilitate your daily business activities and the telemetry that automates the processes

How SmVend works with Eversys coffee machines

Telemetry is the secret to your coffee machine's business success. Knowing in real-time how much coffee of what type is being sold by your machines gives you the power to make decisions that improve sales and customer satisfaction.

How SmVend works with Kaffit coffee machines

Data is a necessity in today's business landscape. It's not enough to place an ad in the local paper or put up a sign on the side of the road. Businesses need to be able to track their marketing efforts in order to see what's working and what isn't.

How SmVend works with Necta coffee machines

Keeping your coffee machines in top shape is crucial to ensuring that your customers always enjoy a great cup of coffee. SmVend now connects directly to Necta coffee machines, making it easier than ever to keep your machines running smoothly.

How you can use telemetry to increase your theme or amusement park's revenue by up to 30%

Telemetry is the technology of automatic measurement and remote reporting of data. In the past, it was used primarily for monitoring and diagnostics purposes.

How to choose the perfect telemetry system for your vending machines

Telemetry is a valuable tool for understanding how your vending machines are performing. It's like having an army of small robots giving you feedback on every detail of your operations. Telemetry allows you to track crucial metrics for your vending machines and improve efficiency.

How SmVend works with Rhaevendors coffee machines

Rhaevendors coffee machines are equipped with a range of sensors and telemetry devices that allow for detailed monitoring and analysis of machine performance. This data is transmitted to the SmVend platform where it is used to generate insights that help improve machine uptime and performance.

How SmVend works with Schaerer coffee machines

Keeping tabs on your coffee machines is hard work. Not only do you have to constantly check in on them to make sure they're full, but you also have to keep track of who's using them and how often.

How SmVend works with Dr. Coffee machines

Managing coffee machines can be a real hassle. From making sure the beans are fresh to keeping the machines clean, there's a lot to think about. And if you're running them in separate locations, you will most likely need to hire someone to help you out.

How SmVend works with WMF coffee machines

Telemetry and remote monitoring is critical for keeping your vending machines operating at peak performance. And now, SmVend Telemetry Controllers connect with WMF coffee machines.

Compare the top unattended POS systems for vending

A POS system is a great way to take your vending machine business to the next level. Cash is slowly fading out as the primary form of payment. So, it's important to be able to accept credit and debit cards.

How QR-code payments can boost your coffee vending business

A QR-code is a type of barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone to take the user to a specific website, app, or other digital content. This makes QR-codes an ideal way to provide customers with a quick and easy way to pay for their coffee. All they need is a smartphone with a camera.

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