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SmVend POS Kit: the ultimate guide to cashless payments for your vending machines

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SmVend POS Kit: the ultimate guide to cashless payments for your vending machines

We know how complicated and time-consuming it might be to navigate the vending business: keeping track of all the machines, checking stock and monitoring the transactions of your vending machines.

The era of digitalisation and smart companies like SmVend brings to the market a variety of solutions. They include innovative cashless payment systems that facilitate your daily business activities, as well as telemetry that automates processes and lets you focus on the bigger picture of vending management.

Why your vending machine needs a POS terminal

Consumers are shedding the shackles of traditional payment methods and embracing the freedom of cashless transactions.

With a mere tap of their mobile devices, they can experience the convenience of seamless transactions, leaving their wallets at home.

The trendlines point towards a bold new era, where cashless payments, especially through mobile wallets, are the norm.

Embracing this shift not only keeps your vending relevant and in step with the times, but also presents a golden opportunity for growth, as consumers can now make purchases using their preferred payment methods.

Using a POS terminal brings a tremendous amount of benefits to unattended businesses, some of them are:

  • Increased loyalty — customers are more likely to come back again
  • Boost in profitability — between two same machines the customer is always more likely to use the one with the cashless option
  • Streamlined and faster transaction process

How can telemetry data shape the vending industry?

To truly experience the effect of cashless payment implementation, you must settle a seamless connection between payment systems and your vending machine. The optimised way is to connect the POS via a telemetry controller.

Telemetry functions as a conduit of information, collecting data from your machine and transferring it to your management software.

Relaying vital information about the performance and inventory of each vending machine in real-time, the controller sseamlessly transmits it to a remote server. The server processes and stores the data in a centralized database and displays it in the Customer Portal on the customer's device — laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With a few clicks, you can gain access to data-rich information on a day-to-day basis via 50+ reports, charts and tables on your vending operations, from sales, balance and consumption reports to event and error alerts.

With convenient filters and intuitive viewing options, you can narrow your focus and sharpen your gaze to the insights that matter to you.

Notice anything that you need to change? Perhaps something isn’t selling too well, or is out of stock?

You can change the price, add/remove a product or run a flash sale to address any issues immediately, rather than waiting for a routine visit.

All this is at your fingertips, so you can unlock the future of automated retail from the comfort of your own home.

With an API designed to work with most of the 3rd party systems and compatible with various coin, bill acceptors, and POS terminals, the SmVend controller serves as a universal solution for the vending industry.

How do cashless payments help your vending management?

The integration of cashless payments and telemetry systems transforms mere transactions into valuable insights and consumption reports, fuelling the growth of customer loyalty and driving revenue higher with every interaction.

And let's not forget the benefits of reduced operational costs.

With cashless payments, you will leave behind the laborious task of counting cash and making trips to the bank. You save time, money and the headaches that come with handling physical currency.

We did the research and in response to your demand for a simple and affordable solution, we developed the SmVend POS Kit.

Complete with our most popular terminal, by myPOS mini and the SmVend controller, which ideally works in synergy with it, you can reap the rewards of your renewed and optimised vending ecosystem in just one month.

Proven to yield up to a 30% increase in profitability and up to a 50% decrease in operational costs, the SmVend POS kit is a powerful solution to plant the seeds of convenience, innovation and security for your operations.

For just €350, claim the SmVend POS Kit at a 20% reduction to their individual cost.

Stay ahead of the curve and focus on the things that truly matter.

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