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SmVend at Paris Vending Show

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SmVend at Paris Vending Show

SmVend, a leading provider of cutting-edge vending solutions, actively seeks out new opportunities to showcase our latest advancements and establish connections with industry experts. Therefore, we were exceptionally delighted to participate in the highly anticipated Paris Vending Show, a significant event on the vending industry's annual calendar.

During the exhibition, we were thrilled to present our own range of solutions and innovations in cashless payments, telemetry, and smart control. Witnessing the high level of interest generated by our products and technologies was truly exhilarating, and we were particularly pleased to establish partnerships with more than 20 industry collaborators throughout the event.

At the show, we had the privilege of engaging with key industry players, including Lavazza, Necta, Evoca, Rhea, and other valuable market players. Their impressive array of products and services provided us with industry insights, allowing to learn from their expertise while sharing our own knowledge and perspectives.

In conclusion, the Paris Vending Show proved to be an extraordinary experience for SmVend, and we extend our gratitude for the opportunity to participate. Moving forward, we are eagerly committed to continued innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the vending industry. With great anticipation, we await the exciting prospects that lie ahead!

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