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Updated SmVend Web app: the future of vending telemetry

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Updated SmVend Web app: the future of vending telemetry

Great news from SmVend — we’ve released an updated version of our Web application, the all-in-one vending management solution. This update includes several new features and improvements that makes vending machine operations easier and more efficient than ever before. We made it faster, more user friendly and added valuable functionality.

What’s new

More scalable system. It’s the most significant change we’ve made — we've rewritten the overall system to make it more scalable and easy to integrate with other systems.

“This addresses one of the main issues with the old Web app, which had lag and rigidness,” said Dmitrii Ivanov, CTO and co-founder of SmVend, “With this update, SmVend has created a platform that is fast, reliable, and prepared for immediate growth”.

New product consumption report with residuals data. It provides a comprehensive overview of sales trends across the product range and highlights valuable insights for decision-making. Now it's easy to identify the top revenue-generating products, as well as the proper time to restock products.

Improved product matrix and recipe features. They have become more user-friendly, easier and faster to use.

Really quick response time. The core system of interaction with controllers and reporting has been completely redesigned, resulting in a response time of just 500ms (0.5s), which makes communication between you and your machines way faster and more convenient.

Stripe subscription method. It allows our long-term clients to link their bank cards for automatic monthly charges. This eliminates the need to top up accounts every month and makes managing vending machines more convenient.

Localization. We’ve added several features to prepare the app for all our international customers.

Now our app is adjusted based on time zones. If a customer has vending machines in different countries, all of them will be synchronized to a single time zone set in the customer settings, while still allowing to view a real-time zone per the specific machine.

The app has 159 currencies available. This means that customers from all over the world can use the app to manage their vending machines, regardless of their local currency.

Additionally, the app supports various European languages, allowing customers from different parts of the world to use it in their local language.

Full data log. From now on, all our clients will have access to the raw messages of communication between the machine and the controller.

Share your feedback

The SmVend team is constantly working on improving our products to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way. We’d be glad to receive your feedback and comments, as well as any improvement suggestions you may have. You can send it to us via customer support chat on our website or directly in the Web app. Thank you and stay tuned!

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