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International Currency Technologies Corp

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International Currency Technologies Corp

International Currency Technologies Corp (ICT) is a global developer and manufacturer of banknote and coin acceptors, as well as counterfeit detectors and identification devices from Taiwan. The products developed by ICT have been applied widely in various systems of vending, gaming, amusement, ticketing and payment, ID verification and kiosk machines.


SmVend received the request from a customer in Romania — the operator of amusement machines in public areas. The client has several areas with claw machines, arcades and candy machines. To make the payments easy for the customers, the operator introduced an ICT coin changer machine at each place.

The request to SmVend was to add the cashless payment to the coin changer machine and connect all payment methods, such as coins, banknotes and cashless, into one ecosystem.

SmVend solution

We implemented the MyPOS mini POS terminal into the coin changer machine manufactured by ICT. MyPOS mini accepts payments via bank cards and digital wallets like Apply Pay and Google Pay. More information about MyPOS integration with SmVend you can find on our Youtube channel in this video.

It has a flat rate of 3% transaction fee with no added service fee, which makes it financially attractive for all the areas of the vending business. The terminal itself is small and stylish, perfectly fits the small machines, and it has a very simple installation and onboarding procedure.

We also connected the POS terminal together with coin and bill acceptors and merged all the payment methods into one . Since that, the client can benefit from real-time transaction monitoring, remote vending management tool and the wide variety of analytical information to make informed decisions about cash collection and revenue management.

At SmVend we are always available to assist you in setting up your own integration. If you are looking for an opportunity to streamline your operations and improve your results, we can offer you a unique and customized solution tailored to your individual business needs.

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