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HoReCa Dr. Coffee

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HoReCa Dr. Coffee

Dr. Coffee machines in HoReCa

Dr.Coffee is a young coffee machine brand from China, dedicated in bean to cup coffee machine development and production, particularly for commercial use such as restaurants, bed and breakfasts, hotels, cafes, convenience stores, catering and offices.


Our client from Spain, a local hotel chain, knows that offering the best food and catering service is key to ensuring client satisfaction and a perfect Tripadvisor review. They bought several Dr. Coffee Machines to satisfy the needs of their clients and deliver the perfect Espresso coffee experience every time, from the breakfast and boardroom coffee to the lobby bar. One of Dr. Coffee Minibars, a machine for professional use, is dedicated to make coffee during breakfast, which is served in an open space near the lobby area.

The request from our client was to make the machine available to all visitors and hotel guests before and after breakfast. The challenge is that coffee is included in the breakfast and should be served for free, and all the rest of the time there should be a charge.

Payment scenarios setup

We installed the SmVend Controller in the machine and set up communication between the machine and the controller. It allows us to implement different scenarios of coffee release. In the morning coffee is prepared free of charge, and when breakfast ends, the machine automatically switches to the mode of paid drinks.

Cashless payment methods

We added the myPOS Mini terminal to the machine to allow hotel guests to pay for drinks with bank cards and digital wallets. The statistics based on SmVend cases tell that the cashless payment method immediately affects sales with an increase of about 30%.

Effortless pricing control with smart telemetry

Whether Dr.Coffee is updating a beverage line, or simply adjusting prices due to material costs, SmVend web app makes it a breeze. Rather than manually updating each machine, the machines' operator can manage the entire fleet's pricing with just a few clicks.

Last but not least, with SmVend reporting features, Dr.Coffee has access to comprehensive data on its coffee machines' performance.

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