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Damn Good Coffee Company vol. 2

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Damn Good Coffee Company vol. 2

The Damn Good Coffee Company business is about creating innovations around circular and sustainable practices from farm to cup to upcycling coffee waste into new products.

SmVend and the Damn Good Coffee Company have been efficiently cooperating for a long time — the story of the first successful project is already in our blog.

SmVend worked closely with the Damn Good Coffee Company to understand their requirements and develop a solution to meet the client's business needs. We implemented card reading systems to the Eversys coffee machines, which allowed customers to pay for their coffee using a pre-paid card. The implemented solution eliminated the need for customers to carry cash and made the payment process more convenient.


The Damn Good Coffee Company recently returned to us, requesting additional functionality implementation. The customers of the DGCC faced the issue with the charges for unprepared drinks. When the coffee machine can't prepare a particular drink because of an internal error or the empty milk/water tanks, the customers are still charged. This was not acceptable, as it would lead to dissatisfied customers and loss of business.

SmVend solution

SmVend came up with a solution to solve the appeared problem. Due to the functionality of tracking the errors, we can identify when the error happens and immediately refund the customer the drink price that was made incorrectly, even if the fee was charged priorly.

For example, if the machine runs out of milk and the customer receives coffee without milk, the customer will receive a refund immediately. This helped to ensure that customers only paid for products that met their expectations, which improved their overall experience.

The Damn Good Coffee Company could track and analyze operational data in real time by implementing card reading systems and creating seamless connectivity between all their machines. And by developing a system of instant money refunds, SmVend helped to ensure that customers only pay for products that meet their expectations.

At SmVend, we are always ready to accept the most challenging requests from our customers and provide solutions to satisfy your needs.

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